It is a snack for "large dog with anxious about legs", "senior dog who wants to stay healthy forever", and "healthy dog ​​who wants to keep joints strong".

A natural, additive-free, sun-dried shark jerky from Japan. Cut natural shark by fishing in the sea near Awaji Island, put them to a unique technology "Sterile Soft Water" that eliminates the ammonia odor unique to sharks, and dry them with mineralized sea breeze, sun dried, finished with a dog snack full of amino acids.

Sharks are delicious white fish with a low calorie, high protein content and abundant nutrients such as chondroitin, collagen, glucosamine, and calcium. Shark nutrients can help strengthen bones and cells and prevent arthritis. Squaren is said to be effective in preventing cancer. It is a "natural supplement" sent from Mother Nature.

As it is firmly dried, it is hard and can be used as a substitute for gum.

Crude protein 53.8% or more,
Crude fat 1.4% or more,
Crude fiber 0.5% or more,
Crude ash content 32.0% or less,
Water 12% or less,
Energy 229 Kcal / 100 g

Shark jerky multipack (dog treat) 300g

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