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Made in Japan, natural, additive-free, unbleached, sun-dried Safe dog snacks and cat snacks

bau-bau is a domestic, additive-free, natural, unbleached, sun-dried snack for pet dogs and cats. It uses natural raw materials such as domestically produced sharks, rays, sea eels, sea breams, sardines, scabbard fishes and sand eels. I will send it from Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture for your pet dog and cat forever.

bau-bau snacks Amazing nutritional value of sharks and rays
bau-bau cat snack
bau-bau dog snack

■Ideal for such dogs and cats!

  • A large dog worried about his legs

  • Senior dog who wants to stay healthy forever

  • Cheerful dog who wants to keep their joints strong

  • Not only dog but also cat

  • To maintain the health of their eyes, skin and hair!

I want to eat! Shark ray snack bau-bau

bau-bau dog and cat snacks

bau-bau dog and cat snacks are domestic, natural, additive-free, unbleached, and sun-dried
Unrivaled safe and secure pet snacks for pets and cats.


Contains glucosamine and chondroitin
“Shark cartilage” is good for dog and cat health!

Glucosamine from shark cartilage seems to be good

Made in Japan


Using sharks and rays from the sea near Awaji Island, we process them in-house. You can use it as a safe domestic dog and cat snack with the producer's face visible.

Natural resources


Use sharks and rays caught by bottom net fishing. By using sharks and rays that had to be thrown away as small fish, we are contributing to the conservation of marine resources and the environment.


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No additives affecting pet dogs and cats are used. Shark's unique ammonia odor is removed with our in-house technology “sterile soft water”, which is safe and secure.


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Dry food is often dried only with the wind of the machine, but bau-bau is naturally dried with sun-dried. A dog and cat snack that has received the blessings of the sun.

Sharks and rays are actually amazing!

Full of nutrients for pet dogs and cats

Shark rays are high protein, low fat, low calorie, and most of the bones are made of cartilage. It is widely used as a supplement because it is said to contain a lot of excellent nutritional components in cartilage and liver oil from the liver, which increases immunity.


bau-bau removes odors by treating the sharks, white sharks and rays that can be taken near the sea near Awaji Island with our special technology “sterile soft water”. The sharks and rays of sharks and shark cartilage are cut and dried in the sun so that pet dogs and cats can eat them safely, so that the nutritional value is not impaired.

The nutritional effects of sharks and rays


Glucosamine contained in shrimp and crab crustaceans, shark cartilage and ray cartilage has the role of making cartilage to move joints smoothly. The amount of glucosamine produced in the body decreases with age, and the cartilage wears down, causing pain in the joints. .


Collagen, which is abundant in shark fins, eifel and skin, has a role in constituting the skin, ligaments, bones, and cartilage. Collagen increases not only the elasticity of the skin but also the elasticity of the cartilage and has the role of protecting the joints from impacts, so activation of the body tissue and improvement of immunity in pet dogs and cats, deterioration of body functions due to aging It is said to prevent.


Squalane (squalene), which is abundant in the liver of shark rays, is a cartilage fish. It is also known as shark liver oil, and is said to have an effect of strengthening immunity.


Chondroitin, which is abundant in shark cartilage and ray cartilage, plays a role in providing moisture to cartilage and maintaining elasticity. Chondroitin is a component produced from glucosamine, and it decreases with age as it does with glucosamine. It is also related to calcium metabolism and is said to be effective in preventing osteoporosis in pet dogs and cats by taking it actively.


Calcium, which is abundant in shark cartilage, ray cartilage, shark fin, and ray fin, has the role of making bones. If calcium is reduced from the body, the bones will weaken and there is a risk of fracture. Ingested with chondroitin improves calcium absorption and can be expected to prevent osteoporosis in pet dogs and cats.

Vitamin, DHA, EPA

Vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA, and EPA, which are abundant in the liver of sharks and rays, have a role in regulating the body. DHA is abundant in the brain, nerves, and retina, and is effective in activating the brain and improving visual acuity, and EPA is said to be effective in preventing blood loss and preventing arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction. .

What is “sterile soft water” that makes dog and cat snacks delicious?

Natural sharks (dog sharks, white sharks) and rays hung on the bottom of the fishing net near Awaji Island are cut for pet dogs and cats, and the original technology "sterile soft water" that eliminates the odor of ammonia unique to sharks and in-house heaven By sun-drying, it was processed into a dog and cat snack with no additives and no nutritional value. A pet treat that can be safely consumed by your favorite dog or cat.


bau-bau uses “sterile soft water” that has been specially treated with ceramic pieces and bamboo charcoal. By using this water, not only can the freshness of sharks and rays be maintained, but the freshness of the odor can also be removed, so there is no need to add extra additives and it can be provided as a dog and cat snack that can be enjoyed with peace of mind. You can.


Actually, shark sand made with sharks treated with special water and sharks using ordinary tap water, respectively, and compared.

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Yura Port on Awaji Island, bau-bau snacks are made

Yura Port on Awaji Island, bau-bau snacks are made

A beautiful Yura sea east of Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture. bau-bau dogs and cats are made in this port. This is the only place on Awaji Island where you can enjoy a very delicious sun-dried dog / cat treat because the northeast sea breeze with plenty of minerals blows. Sharks and rays caught in the waters near Awaji Island are well-lit by the sun and finished into a dog and cat snack with plenty of amino acids.

Bau-bau snacks do not use bleach!

Shark cartilage dog snack sun-dried at Yura Port on Awaji Island

Sharks and rays that serve as ingredients for dogs and cats are exposed to bau-bau's original "sterile soft water" to remove the raw smell and blow off the moisture, then sun-dried in the sun of Yura, and full of delicious nutrition Finish with a dog and cat snack. So you can enjoy it without bleaching.

For the joy of pet dogs and cats

Bau-bau snacks and crazy dogs and cats I'm glad that I can eat worries about allergies with confidence!